ABOVE: Woman kills husband with lover, dumps corpse in well – illicit relationship Murder Wife Murdered Husband Lover Police Arrested Uttar Pradesh Fatehpur Uttar Pradesh TSTC

History highlights

  • Wife kills husband
  • Woman murdered her husband along with her lover
  • The police arrested both the accused

A murder case has come to light in the Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Where the young man who lived in the in-laws’ house after the marriage was murdered. The man is said to have been murdered by his wife along with her lover. After the murder, the body was thrown into the well. On the complaint of the deceased’s brother, the police launched an investigation and based on the suspicion, strictly questioned the deceased’s wife, then the whole matter came to light. The woman said that she and her lover carried out this murder. The police arrested the two defendants and sent them to jail

Woman kills her husband along with her lover

This case is from Akbar Kheda village in the district Aung police station area, Uma Devi, a resident of this district, was married to Sinku Lodhi four years ago. After the marriage, the late young man, Sinku Lodhi, began living in his in-laws’ house with his wife. Meanwhile, the wife of the deceased had an affair with a young man from the village. The deceased tried several times to convince his wife. But she did not agree, because on the night of November 10, while he was sleeping, the wife left her husband unconscious by hitting her on the head with a stick, then her lover Raj Kumar Pasi killed her with several blows with an ax and threw the body in a well outside the town.

After this incident, the townspeople are very shocked, the villagers say that no one would have even thought in their dreams that a wife would kill her husband. The police have recovered the stick and ax used in the murder. Both defendants are in police custody.

The police arrested the accused

Additional SP Rajesh Kumar said that the deceased’s brother, Dilip Kumar, informed the police station that his brother Sinkujo, who lived in the house of his in-laws, had killed him and hidden the body somewhere. On this information, after registering a case immediately, he was investigated by the police, then it was found that his wife along with her lover was murdered and thrown into the well. While the body was being recovered at the request of the accused, forensic evidence was obtained and both were arrested and sent to jail.


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