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History highlights

  • Boy and girl killed in traffic accident
  • They both went to the market to buy for the wedding.

Sorrowful news has come from Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh, where a boy and a girl were killed in a traffic accident. It is said that both would be married on December 10 and both had gone to Kanpur for shopping. But when they returned home, an unknown vehicle collided with their scooter and they both died. Upon hearing the news of the death, mourning spread to both houses. The family is in a bad state of tears.

Boy and girl die before marriage

The deceased Sachin Srivastava and Soni are said to have lived in the same locality. The love story between the two dragged on for a long time. Both had to convince their families a lot for this marriage. Being of different castes, their families were barely prepared for this marriage. Sachin Srivastava was assigned as an employee at the CBI. The ring ceremony had taken place and their family was busy preparing for the wedding, but this accident turned the happiness of both families into mourning.

After the accident, the family members are in bad shape.

As soon as news of the death was received, chaos broke out in both families. As soon as their bodies were brought home, chaos broke out in the house. Tears welled up in the family’s eyes. Then they were both cremated together. The death of both has created an atmosphere of pain throughout the area.

The police are involved in the investigation of this accident.

At the same time, the police say that after the autopsy, the bodies have been handed over to relatives. This accident is being investigated. An unknown vehicle is being tracked. CCTV cameras installed nearby are being examined, which is why this accident occurred.

(Entrance- Surya Sharma)


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