6 creators who are now entrepreneurs by launching their own merchandise

Instagram has been a place where people create and grow their profiles every day. And it is always a dream for an aspiring creator to one day start something of his own. ‘because of the potential they have. However, it is difficult to do as there are many obstacles, setbacks and obstacles in between. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but some creators and artists have outdone themselves by releasing their own merchandise solely ‘because of their dedication and perseverance. Scroll down to see who these cool creators are.

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1. Prajakta Koli

Mostly healthy I had been working on launching it merch for a long time and it all came true in June 2020. She is a great advocate for her fan clubs and this was proven the day she had the ‘fool Army logo on one of his t-shirts. Later, on ‘World Mental Health Day’, he launched another merch called ‘less shame’. This word has given him the proper confidence and strength he needed to become who he is today.

2. Sejal Kumar

Guess who’s back with a bang! First of all, let’s congratulate Sejal on his new music video ‘Influence’, which is not only trending, but also our favorite music video. Well, this time he stepped forward. With the release of his song, he released it merch with different phrases and colors. We are very proud of her for always empowering, motivating and supporting women. However, the t-shirts are unisex, so go get yours.

3. Tanzeel khan

This talented young man totally blew us away with his album. ‘Dastaan‘which has 7 songs. This was not enough for Tanzeel, so he surprised his fans once again by launching his own marketing service name. ‘Pause / Play‘. He already has a lot of t-shirts and it seems that with each new song he will release a new piece, what do you think?

Four. Vishnu Kaushal

When Vishnu said ‘It is not a piece of cloth, it is a handwritten love note’, legitimate I felt that. He seems to firmly believe in the quote, ‘Practice what you preach’! ‘Because launching its own line of merchandising, ‘PeachByVishnu‘he proves everything. He has joggers and shirts available, just to say this would be a cute pair for you. Plus, it’s coming out with a new design soon too, so how excited are you?

5. Saransh Goila

If you are a foodie and I love trying a variety of items, then this quirky line of merchandise from the super talented ‘Chef Goila’ is defo for you. Threw these Oh-So amazing shirts with some amazing puns just to share your love of food with us and the world. Saransh, we love the way you’vepens-d‘your thoughts for what you love.

6. Together

This super talented singer also released his merch when he released his first documentary, ‘Genesis 1: 1‘. We love how simple and elegant the shirt looks. This is defo going in our cart, what about y’all?

And that’s the end of some amazing merch collections. What is your favorite out of these? We can’t choose onebecause they are all different in their own way. On a side note, keep buying them while you stay indoors. Also, don’t forget to reserve your vaccine slots if you haven’t already.


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