6 Bollywood actors who are also good painters

The Bollywood film canvas is not just a medium, it is a sense of belonging; both for the actors and for their audiences. However, there is another canvas; one that allows our busy actors to rejuvenate themselves. We talk about the canvas of sketches and colors. It is the passion for painting that many of our actors have revealed to us over time. This side of her talent, given her busy schedule, doesn’t allow for too much indulgence, but when she does, just like in her movies, the actors give it their all here too.

Ileana D’Cruz

Ileana is a star actor, a fashion icon, and also a painter. The first time he revealed the inner painter in it, he did so a little differently than the norm might be. She caught the attention of her audience by sharing a short poem that served as a prelude to her artwork and then went on to reveal the actual painting.

Bollywood painting

Siddhant Chaturvedi

Millennial heartthrob Siddhant Chaturvedi is another name on this list. Taking his Instagram, he recently shared a photo of himself, palette in hand, painting a serene image on the canvas. As soon as the post hit its gram, two touches started to rain for the actor.

Bollywood painting

Tara Sutaria

For some of our beloved stars, drawing is also a seasonal hobby. Take, for example, the case of the sensual Tara Sutaria. The monsoon is the time of year when Tara loves to indulge in her love of charcoal painting.

Bollywood painting

Wamiqa Gabbi

Not many know that Wamiqa Gabbi is also a wonderful painter. She is totally self-taught. He hopes he can find the time to learn the art professionally one day, but until then there is nothing stopping him from enjoying the colors and the brushes. Painting is a meditative process for her, one that she constantly hopes for.

Bollywood painting

Sonakshi Sinha

Next in line is the queen of the masses, Sonakshi Sinha. Her love of exploring faces has led her to explore her passion for drawing over and over again. Each face tells a story, and through her art, Sonakshi is creating visual stories.

Salman khan

Last but not least, no steamy list is completely complete without the mention of Bollywood’s King Midas, Salman Khan. The super cool actor makes everything look so easy. Whether it’s your action sequences or your training regimens, there’s always ease with which you get things done. The same goes for his love of drawing and painting.


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