Yuvraj Singh: ‘So the middle order would have been strong …’, Yuvraj had fun sharing Virat’s meme

History highlights

  • Yuvraj Singh’s post became the center of attention
  • have announced that they will return to the cricket field

At the T20 World Cup, the Indian team failed to reach the semi-finals and was eliminated from the group stage matches. In the first two games, the Indian team’s hitting betrayed, for which Pakistan defeated New Zealand. Now Yuvraj Singh, the former cricketer for Team India, scoffed at this.

Yuvraj has shared a meme on his Instagram, featuring Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma. The meme shows Anushka saying that Virat must be thinking of some girl. While Virat Kohli thinks that if there were Yuvraj, then Team India’s middle order would have been strong.

This Instagram story by Yuvraj Singh is going quite viral and is in some ways considered a mockery. Let us tell you that in the first two matches of the T20 World Cup, the Indian batting failed, then in the last three matches the starting pair did most of the work.

India’s middle order in T20 currently includes hitters like Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya.

If we talk about Yuvraj Singh, a few days ago he had again announced his return to the cricket field. Yuvraj had said in an Instagram post that your destiny is determined by God. At the request of the public, I will go back to the field in February. Nothing will be more important to me than this feeling.


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