World Diabetes Day 2021: Don’t Forget These 6 Diabetes Mistakes

History highlights

  • In diabetics, the blood sugar level must be controlled throughout life.
  • World Diabetes Day is celebrated each year on November 14.

Millions of people around the world are victims of diabetes. This disease is such a silent killer that it gradually hollows out the human body. After being affected by diabetes, the blood sugar level must be controlled throughout life. To raise awareness about diabetes, November 14 is also celebrated every year as “World Diabetes Day.” Doctors say that patients should avoid making some mistakes in this disease, otherwise this disease can turn into a nosebleed.

be slowA sedentary lifestyle is very dangerous for your health. It not only increases obesity, but also blood sugar rapidly. At the same time, an active lifestyle is beneficial not only for blood sugar but also for overall health. Make an exercise routine into your lifestyle every day. Avoid very strenuous exercise at first or else there may be a drop in blood sugar.

High-carbohydrate, low-fat dietLike other nutrients, fat should also be an important part of your diet. Many people completely eliminate fat from the diet to lose weight, and because of this, there is also a lack of healthy fat in their body. According to health experts, it is important for diabetic patients to have healthy fats and they can be taken in through nuts, seeds, and pure oil.

a long time between mealsIf you are a diabetic patient, try to reduce the interval between meals. With more time between diets, the amount of food increases and because of this, the blood sugar also begins to rise. Health experts advise diabetic patients to eat something from time to time. Try to have healthy snacks between two diets.

Fruit quantityMost people have the misconception that diabetics should not eat fruits because they contain natural sugar. Don’t avoid fruits entirely and don’t eat too much. In diabetes, fruits should be consumed in limited quantities. It is good to eat fruits slowly, chewing them well.

take too much stressThe most dangerous for health is stress. It also affects your hormones, mental and physical health. Health experts advise diabetic patients to stay away from stress. According to studies, stress increases blood sugar and also damages heart health.

has not had enough sleepIn addition to giving rest, sleep regulates various functions of the body. According to health experts, most of the hormones within the body balance out while you sleep. Insulin is also a hormone. Therefore, it is very important that diabetic patients sleep well.

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