WC T20 Final: Food, Sports and History … The ‘war’ between New Zealand and Australia is not just limited to cricket! – t20 world cup final australia vs new zealand trans tasman rivalry tspo relationship story

History highlights

  • T20 World Cup Final on Sunday
  • There will be a war between New Zealand and Australia

T20 WC, final: The teams from Australia and New Zealand will meet in the final match of the 2021 T20 World Cup. The final will be played on November 14, both teams have come this far after having a good performance throughout the tournament.

New Zealand defeated Pakistan in the semifinals against England and Australia. Both teams have seen each other playing against each other for many years, but it is special to meet in the final of any ICC tournament.

If we talk about the history of Australia and New Zealand, then there is a figure of 36 in many subjects between both countries. Whether it is sports other than cricket, whether it is a matter of food or history at sea, there is a different level of “enmity” between New Zealand and Australia. Now that both countries will go head-to-head on the cricket ground for the World Cup, then know some interesting things …

– Both Australia and New Zealand are located on the shores of the Tasman Sea. The Tasman Sea is located between the two countries, that is, one can travel with each other only by crossing the sea. For this reason, the history of these two is seen in the name of Trans-Tasman.

The relationship between the two countries is such that they keep making fun of each other, good and bad things will happen. But both are also together, there are many things about trans-Tasman relations that connect the two countries. The free movement of citizens, test series, communication facilities and other things improve relations between the two countries.

There is a strange debate in both countries regarding food. Historians of both countries come face to face on whose Pavlova plate is found. Australia considers it their food, while New Zealand also has its own claims. It is like that in India, there is a war in Bengal-Odisha for rasgulla.

– People from Australia and New Zealand often joke with each other in conversations, which has become quite normal now. Also, many people consider New Zealand to be a part of Australia, something that no New Zealand resident wants to hear.

In the game, both countries are face to face for a long time. Since 1930, both countries have been fighting each other in the Commonwealth Games. Apart from cricket, the enmity between the two countries is also highly appreciated in other sports such as rugby, netball and hockey. The test series between the two is regarded as the ashes of that region.

The two teams have not met head to head in the final of any T20 World Cup. But in the 2015 50-year World Cup final, when the two teams battled, Australia won. Australia has not won an ICC trophy since then, while New Zealand recently won the Trials Championship.


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