Varanasi: Punishment Stage for Elevation of Hindi, Amit Shah and Ajay Mishra Teni Seen Together

History highlights

  • Hindi Utthan Manch decorated in Varanasi
  • UP CM Yogi Adityanath and Amit Shah were present
  • The Minister of State for the Home Ajay Mishra also appeared on stage.

Even after a long time of independence, to date no Indian-level conference could be held to improve the official Hindi language. But it started on Saturday from Deen Dayal Hastkala Sankul in Bada Lalpur, Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi’s parliamentary constituency. The two-day conference was started by Amit Shah, Minister of Home and Government as the main guest. On this occasion, UP CM Yogi Adityanath was also present as a special guest, while Ajay Mishra Teni, father of son Ashish Mishra, the main defendant in the death of the Lakhimpur Kheri farmers, was also seen sharing the stage with the Minister of the Interior. .

shah mantra in hindi language

Addressing the people present on the occasion, the Union Minister of Home and Cooperation, Amit Shah, said that for the first time he will leave the capital under the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. This is a new beginning. The Amrit Independence Festival is important. It is time for a resolution for the future India. It should be resolved that Hindi should have a global form. The local language and Hindi are complementary. It is the responsibility of the Official Languages ​​Department to also develop the local language.

Interior Minister Amit Shah said Kashi has always been the capital of learning. Kashi is a cultural city. The history of the country cannot be seen separately from Kashi. Kashi is the gomukh of languages. Hindi is born from Kashi. In 1868, education was carried out in Hindi from Kashi himself. Kashi began to improve his Hindi. The first magazine started with Kashi himself. Malviya ji was concerned about studying in Hindi. He said how can you forget Tulsi Das, who had not written Ram Charit Manas, the people of the Ramayana would have forgotten him today. The richer the language, the stronger the culture.

This call to youth

He appealed to young people to take pride in speaking Hindi. He said that the decision to bring the All India Official Languages ​​Conference out of the capital Delhi was made in the year 2019. But I was unable to do so due to the Crown period, but today I am glad that this new auspicious beginning is going to happen at the feast of the nectar of independence. The Interior Minister said that the country that loses its language, that country also loses its civilization, its culture and its original thought. Countries that lose their original thinking cannot contribute to the progress of the world. India has the largest number of spoken writing languages ​​in the world. We have to move them forward.

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