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After understanding the mood of the voters of Ghaziabad and Moradabad, now the electoral car of ‘Amar Ujala’ ‘Satta Ka Sangram’ is in Rampur. After the ‘chai pe charcha’ with ordinary citizens at the train station located at Civil Lines here in the morning, an election discussion was held with the youth at Impact College, Thunapur Bhot.

A large number of young people participated in the electoral discussion in Rampur.
– Photo: Amar Ujala

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What are the young people going to vote for the first time in Rampur thinking about the elections to the assembly? What kind of government do they want? What will be the problems of the youth in the elections? What do you think about the issues of employment, education, development? What is your opinion about the current government? During the four-and-a-half-year term, what are the works of the Yogi government that appeal to young people and what are the works that were left unfinished? To find out all this, the electoral car ‘Satta Ka Sangram’ from ‘Amar Ujala’ arrived at Impact College, Rampur. Here the young people spoke openly about all the issues. Read what is the attitude of the youth of Rampur?

Rampur’s Hindu, Muslim and Sikh voters said great things about the Yogi government

mixed opinion on safety

There was a mixed opinion of the students regarding the safety of the women. Aanchal, a student, said girls now feel safer than before. Bullies and criminals used to dominate in the previous government. I was afraid to leave the house. Sania and Sophie said the girls were safe even earlier. However, when asked if girls now have more freedom to leave the house than before. To this all the students said yes. Student Joha said that the security system has become worse than before. However, when asked what was the problem? He did not respond to this.

What did the young people say about education?

Student Pawandeep Kaur said the government is spending more money on education. Common people are benefiting from this. When we are educated, then we will know what is right and what is wrong for us. Student Mastur Khan said there is a lack of quality education in Rampur. For a good education, young people have to go to another city.

Student Arif Chaudhary said that nothing has changed in the educational system compared to before and now. Good education is not available in Rampur. Anam, who is doing B.Sc Biotech, said she wants to be a doctor, but there are no facilities here. However, when students were asked what kind of quality education did they want? No one could answer this.

Student Ram Pratap said that everyone is receiving a better quality education. Student Ajmi said that the fault is not in the educational system. We lack. We can do online studies. You can prepare for all the exams.

What is the opinion of the youth on the issues of employment, inflation?

Student Mastur Khan said that gasoline and diesel have become very expensive. Everything has become expensive. Income is low and taxes are high. Student Mohammad Shakib said that there is an employment crisis in Rampur. The government should make loans for self-employment. However, he was unable to say anything about the government’s schemes.

Student Tauseef Ahmed said that he runs an electrician workshop along with studies. Inflation is increasing. Employment has decreased. Student Nadeem Ahmed said there is a lack of employment here. Inflation is increasing.

Thanks for closing the slaughterhouse

The Rakhi student said that the chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, has stopped the slaughter of cows. It is a good initiative. Yogi ji has done a good job. Who we consider mother, should not be cut off.


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