Tripura: Gomti district mosque was not vandalized, the government misrepresented the news

History highlights

  • GDP dismissed reports of rape and death in Tripura
  • Tripura Police working to maintain peace and order

Reports about Tripura are going viral on social media. Reports that went viral on social media claim that a mosque was vandalized and a mosque was damaged in the Gomti district of Tripura. After the violence that broke out in Maharashtra over viral reports, the government, which took action, called those reports incorrect.

According to information provided by the Press Information Office, reports are spreading about a damaged and vandalized mosque in the Kakraban area of ​​the Gomti district of Tripura. This news is false. It has been said on behalf of the government that the facts have been misrepresented in such news. There was no damage to the mosque in the Dargabazar area of ​​Kakraban.

The government claims that the Tripura police are working diligently to maintain peace and order in the Gomti district. On behalf of the government, it has been said that in recent days no case of damage to any mosque has been reported in any area of ​​Tripura. In social media reports, reports of a person’s injury, rape or death have also been said to be false.

The Press Information Office has said that people should remain calm and should not be fooled by such fake news. The incidents of violence in Maharashtra and the objectionable statements about such false news about Tripura are aimed at disturbing the peace and harmony. This is very worrying. The government has called for peace and order at any cost.

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