TMC MP sushmita dev attack on Tripura police for their response to the attack in the case of the NTC convoy

History highlights

  • Sushmita Dev’s convoy was attacked in Tripura
  • Dev targeted the police for failing to take action

TMC leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sushmita Dev has targeted Tripura police for failing to take action in the event of an attack on the convoy. In reality, Sushmita Dev had attacked the convoy in the past. Sushmita Dev gave the police a video of this attack. At the same time, the police say that the video that was given to them is very short and not much information has been received about the defendants.

Sushmita Dev furious at police statement

Sushmita Dev was furious at this statement from the police. She tweeted: ‘Next time there is an attack, I will make a longer video and ask my attackers to give their address, phone number before hitting us and attacking the car. In addition, he wrote: Injuries to workers are not a serious crime for the Tripura police. Addressing Chief Minister Biplab Deb, he said please write a good tweet to the police.

BJP accused of attack
Sushmita Dev is on a trip to Tripura. Recently, he had accused his attack convoy. Sushmita Dev alleged that her convoy was attacked by BJP thugs. Not only this, he is also continually protesting actions against attackers.

What did the police say?

In response, police said, a case was registered regarding Sushmita Dev’s complaint. Evidence against 9 people has been found in the investigation. Notices have been issued against him. The alleged short video of the attack and the names of four people were provided by the perpetrator. However, not much information was known about them. The video also did not help identify the suspects. Based on the inputs, 4 people were identified. But there was sufficient evidence on these people that they were not present at the time of the attack. It appears that there was a deliberate attempt by the author to implicate these people in order to pressure the investigative work.

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