The Supreme Court tells the Center to formulate a policy to address air pollution says that in such conditions we also have to wear masks at home Put a lock on if necessary, ‘said Cji

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The Chief Justice, furious at air pollution, said: “Some of the pollution may be from burning stubble, but the rest of the pollution in Delhi is from firecrackers, industries, and dust and smoke. . Tell us the steps to control it. ” immediately.”

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of an unregistered organization ‘We the Women of India’.
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Due to increased pollution in Delhi and NCR, the AQI level has been consistently above 500. On Saturday, the Supreme Court, while listening to a petition filed on the same issue, called on the central government to take action as soon as possible. . Chief Justice NV Ramanna said that in such a situation, it seems that even at home one will have to sit with a mask. The court asked the central government to find a way to deal with air pollution.

What happened in court?

When the hearing on the matter began in the Supreme Court in the morning, CJI Ramanna asked questions directly to the government. You see how dangerous the situation is. We will also have to sit at home with a mask. What are the steps being taken? On this, Attorney General Tushar Mehta, who appeared for the Center, said that the first cause of air pollution is the burning of stubble. The SG said there should be some rules to prevent farmers from burning stubble, so that state governments can take action against them.

However, faced with this demand from the SG, the Chief Justice raised the question and said: you are saying that farmers are responsible for all the pollution. After all, where is the mechanism to stop it? He further said: “We have nothing to do with the government. The question is how to deal with this problem. Any emergency steps, some short-term plans, how to control it?”

The issue of contamination from firecrackers and industries also raised

Advancing on his point, the Chief Justice said: “Some of the pollution may be from burning stubble, but the rest of the pollution in Delhi is from firecrackers, industries, and dust and smoke. We have to take immediate action to control “Tell me. If necessary, do a two-day shutdown or some other step. How are people going to live in such a situation? ”

After the CJI, Judge Chandrachud said: “Schools have also been opened after the corona epidemic. We have left our children open in this situation. Dr. Guleria says that where there is contamination, there is this epidemic.” However, on this, the attorney said that today a meeting of the government is proposed. The government is also aware of this matter.

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