The most instagrammable nursery decor ideas

Your baby’s nursery is the first place you take your child after he or she is born. You want it to be perfect and cozy. You’re going to spend a lot of time (long nights cuddling and nursing the little bubble) in this room too. It will be your first or second baby, setting up a nursery is the dream of every pregnant mother. It is your opportunity to show your creativity, once the baby grows, you will design the room taking into account their preferences and tastes.

Nurseries are an essential part of your baby’s daily routine, you need to make sure you have furniture that is safe for the baby. The trend of creating stylish nurseries has given interior designers and stylists a new niche to look at. If you don’t have a clue how to set up a nursery, you can even hire someone to do it all for you. Just share a mood board and theme you like and these companies will take care of every little detail after that.

Here I am going to list a few things (except the crib!) That you should keep in mind when putting together your nursery:

  1. Keep it dark

Babies, especially newborns, sleep well in a dark environment. Therefore, do not forget to add blinds to your windows. Babies need a lot of sleep during the first year.


2. Get a comfortable sofa

You will also spend a lot of time in this room. So get yourself a nursing chair with a footrest to keep you comfortable during those long nursing sessions, especially at night. Once your baby grows, it can be his reading chair for a cute bedtime story. A comfortable chair is a must for your nursery.


3. Get a sound machine

When babies are on their tummies, they are used to a lot of internal noises, it almost feels like a non-stop factory. Invest in a good white noise machine. Play in different modes until you find out which one your baby likes the best. The sound machine helps children sleep for longer periods without being disturbed by outside noises.


4. Buy a bedside lamp

When it’s completely dark, you will need a bedside lamp to navigate once your baby has woken up in the early hours of the night. This light can even help you read at night and look at your baby’s precious face while it is glued to you.


5. Changing table

A changing table will be an important element for your nursery. It will help you with all your diaper changes and could organize your diaper station according to your needs so that you don’t have to run around looking for things at the last minute.


These are basic things that you will need when setting up a nursery, but of course don’t forget to add a touch of your personality and whatever you think you will need in the nursery.

Here’s an inspiration for you to analyze and help you decide what you would like a new addition to your home to look like:

We love these modern farmhouse-style nursery setups.

How cute are these neutral nurseries ?!

These minimalist nurseries are giving us all the sensations!

There are endless themes you can build your nursery on, choose the one that seems most personal to you. What is your favorite subject? Let us know in the comments below!

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