The declaration of the ‘first night’ of the Canarian actress Rachita Ram triggers controversy

Kannada actress Rachita Ram’s ‘first night’ statement triggers a row (Image credit: Instagram / rachita_instaofficial)

The Kannada Kranthi Dal has demanded a public apology from actress Rachita Ram for her recent “first night” statement during a press conference for her yet to be released movie “Love You Rachchu”. The organization has also requested the banning of the actress by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking to the press, the organization’s president, Tejasvi Nagalingaswamy, argued that Rachita’s statements were contrary to the “culture of the land” and had “damaged the image of the State.”

To an intimidating question from a journalist, the popular Kannada actress, known as the ‘dimple queen’, responded by asking what she had done recently on her wedding night.

The reporter had questioned her about acting in sexy scenes, even though she had said she wouldn’t. In clarifying the ‘daring’ scenes from the upcoming film ‘Love You Rachchu’, Rachita Ram said that she had done what the script demanded.

“There are so many people here who are married. I have no intention of embarrassing anyone. Generally, I am asking you to tell me what people do after marriage. What are they doing? “Rachita asked reporters.

Even when media people were recovering from her jokes, she answered her own rhetorical questions with, “They will fall in love, right? That’s what is shown in the movie. “

He added: “There is a reason why I have done these scenes. You will know when you watch the movie. You have just had a child, you must tell me, ”he smiled at the reporter who had asked the question.

His fans appreciated his bold statements, but Tejasvi Nagalingaswamy said they were against the rich traditions of the Kannada film industry established by legends like Dr. Rajkumar.

“All leading and veteran actresses have never made such statements,” he said. “Rachita Ram, who is unaware of the history of the industry, who has approached her recently, has spoken indecently and has caused damage to her reputation,” he added.

Nagalingaswamy also attacked Rachita for acting in ‘daring’ scenes in her previous film ‘I Love You’ and the yet to be released ‘Love You Rachchu’.

“The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce should seriously consider Rachita Ram’s statements and impose a ban on her. Otherwise, we will not allow your movie ‘Love You Rachchu’ to be released anywhere in Karnataka. We will go to court, ”he said.

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