Tesla in Total Autonomous Driving Mode Damaged After US Crash | Tesla damaged after crash in ‘full autonomous driving’ mode

Tesla damaged after accident in full autonomous driving mode - India TV Paisa
Photo: TESLA

Tesla damaged after crash in ‘full autonomous driving’ mode

San Francisco: The controversial ‘full autonomous driving’ (FSD) beta mode resulted in a Tesla Model Y crash in Los Angeles in what may be the first incident involving the electric car maker’s driver assistance function. No one was injured in the accident, but the vehicle was reportedly “severely damaged”. As The Verge reports, the accident was reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to the car owner’s report, “the car was in FSD beta mode and when turning left it got into the wrong lane and was hit by another driver.”

Last month, Tesla temporarily withdrew the latest version of its beta FSD software due to false blocking warnings and other issues, less than a day after its release. In a tweet, Musk said the rollback was due to “some issues” with version 10.3. “Seeing some issues with version 10.3, temporarily reverting to version 10.2”.

Musk later announced the upcoming release of Tesla’s beta 10.4 FSD update. Tesla FSD beta is intended to allow Tesla vehicles to drive themselves on city roads and streets simply by entering a location into the navigation system, but it is still considered Level 2 Driver Assistance as it requires driver supervision in every moment. The driver remains responsible for the vehicle and must be ready to keep their hands on the wheel and take control. There have been several accidents involving the Tesla Autopilot, which are currently being investigated by the US NHTSA.


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