‘son in law; Shahid Afridi was upset with Shaheen, said: – If Hasan drops the ball, will you eat 3 sixes … – Pakistan vs Australia t20 world cup semifinal shahid afridi Shaheen afridi last over 3 sixes hasan ali catch tspo

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  • Shahid Afridi criticized Shaheen
  • You are not a bowler with three sixes: Shahid

T20 WC, Pak Vs Aus: Pakistani fans are very disappointed after the defeat at the hands of Australia in the semifinals of the T20 World Cup. Matthew Wade’s catch in Hasan Ali’s last over changed everything. But after missing the catch, Matthew Wade also hit three sixes. Now former Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi has criticized his ‘son-in-law’ Shaheen Afridi, not Hasan Ali, for these six.

When Shahid Afridi was questioned on a show about the semi-finals, he said he was unhappy with Shaheen in one place, if Hasan Ali misses the catch, then it doesn’t mean you should eat three sixes.

Shahid said you have so much pace, you should have thought you would have thrown the yorkers, your area was here. You threw wrong, you could have come back again. You’re not that pitcher that anyone can hit you for three sixes.

However, Shahid Afridi also praised Shaheen at the end and said that his World Cup has gone much better for him, he has played very well. But they will remember the lesson of the last one. Please say that Shaheen Afridi is Shahid Afridi’s son-in-law.

Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter Aksa and Shaheen Afridi have gotten engaged and will soon both be married.

Significantly, in the semi-final between Australia and Pakistan, Pakistan looked very strong at the same time. But in the last finale, Hasan Ali dropped Matthew Wade’s catch and then hit three sixes in a row, with this trip from Pakistan ending in the World Cup.

Let us tell you that Shaheen Afridi was in excellent shape during the T20 World Cup and proved to be the best bowler in Pakistan. Shaheen Afridi took a total of 7 wickets, but each spell was brilliant and put pressure on the forward team. Against India, he took 3 wickets, in which Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Virat Kohli were wards.


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