School closed, parking charge increased fourfold … read new guideline on increasing Delhi pollution

History highlights

  • Guidelines have come in on Delhi’s growing pollution.
  • Increased parking fee, brick kilns will be closed

An important meeting of the state government was held on the increasing pollution of Delhi. In which it has been decided to keep the schools in Delhi closed for the next week. At the same time, after the meeting, many guidelines have also come to the fore. According to the guideline, now the parking fee in the capital has been increased three to four times. Apart from this, instructions have also been given to keep the brick kilns closed for a few days.

It has been said that the roads will now be cleaned regularly in Delhi and water will also be sprayed. These machines will be used more on roads where there is more dust. Apart from this, the use of public transport has also been emphasized. There has been a call for people to use the Delhi metro or bus more.

It has also been said in the guideline that the minimum use of generators should be made. At the same time, the use of coal in mining carts on the roads has also been banned. Apart from all this, it has also been said that it imposes fines on those people who burn garbage in the open air or who do not follow the issued guidelines.

Now for more information, let us tell you that CAQM has been keeping an eye on the pollution situation in the capital for a long time. New guidelines have also been published from time to time. Now that the air in Delhi has become so polluted, CAQM is also in action. For now, these guidelines have to be followed, apart from this, the schools have also been closed for a week. Government employees have also been instructed to work from home.

According to the ANI news agency, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has said that this decision was made at a meeting called on Saturday on the pollution situation. Regarding the declaration of school holidays, the Chief Minister of Delhi said that this decision was made in the interest of the children. Since the children were not breathing the polluted air, it was decided to take a vacation from the schools.

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