Ruckus continues in Maharashtra for Tripura violence, riot in Amravati-lathicharge police

History highlights

  • The fire of Tripura violence spread to Maharashtra
  • Ruckus in Amravati, Nanded and Malegaon

The fires of the Tripura violence spread to Maharashtra. There has been a riot in Amaravati for two days in protest against the violence in Tripura. Indeed, many Muslim organizations demonstrated against Tripura’s violence in Amravati on Friday, during which a lot was also seen. In protest, Hindu organizations called a bandh on Saturday. During this, the protesters created a lot of product. To stop this, the police had to carry lathi. Section 144 has been imposed in Amravati.

Recently, there were protests by Hindu organizations in Tripura against the attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh. There are reports that mosques were damaged during these demonstrations. After this, community violence was seen on a large scale in Tripura. Demonstrations against violence were also held in all cities, including Amravati in Maharashtra.

Violent demonstrations in Amravati
On Friday, in Amravati, many Muslim organizations created a fierce product regarding the Tripura problem. Against this, BJP and Hindu organizations appealed for Amaravati bandh. All Hindu organizations and BJP workers united in Rajkamal Chowk. After this, the uncontrollable mob started sabotage. The police had to intervene to control the crowd. The Lathi police charged the wrongdoers and imposed section 144.

Ruckus in Maharashtra for Tripura violence
In protest against the violence in Tripura, there was a lot of production in Nanded, Amravati and Malegaon in Maharashtra. Here Muslim organizations had called bandh. But during this a fierce uproar was cut off. Stores were forcibly closed and incidents of clashes with the police were also reported.

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