Rajasthan: Gravel mafia Belgaum, two royal brothers on bicycle collided with car, death – out of control gravel smugglers accident death dholpur tsts

History highlights

  • The gravel mafia rampaged after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on gravel
  • The tractor driver returning after dumping the gravel hits two royal brothers on bikes.
  • Traumatic death of both in the accident

The gravel mafia has gone rampant after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on gravel mining in Rajasthan. After the ban was lifted, the driver of the tractor car returning after dumping the gravel in Dholpur district hit two royal brothers who were cycling to school at high speed. Both brothers were tragically killed in the accident.

Villagers who arrived at the scene caught three gravel mafia and a tractor. The angry villagers of three gravel mafia beat fiercely. A large crowd of locals gathered at the site. After obtaining information on the matter, a large police force arrived at the scene. Angry villagers blocked the Basinbav-Maniya highway by placing the corpse on the road.

According to the information, on Thursday, the 17-year-old son of Ramlakhan Vidyaram, a resident of Pura village in Mahananda, was cycling to drop off his younger brother Saurabh alias Suraj at the government school in Ramgarha, but the driver of the tractor car was returning. After dumping the gravel at high speed from the front, the cyclists hit the students. In the accident, Ram Lakhan was killed on the spot, while Suraj was seriously injured.

Gravel mafia fiercely beaten on the spot

Upon seeing the accident, local villagers arrived at the scene, who caught three gravel gangsters along with the tractor. Villagers whipped three gravel mobs on the spot. The younger brother was being taken to Dholpur for treatment, but he also died on the way.

The Gravel mob was injured in the beating of the villagers.

Villagers had blocked the bodies of the two deceased by placing them on the Basinbav-Mania highway. He expressed great resentment against the police and the administration. After obtaining information on the matter, the Kaulari Police Station arrived at the scene, but the police had to face much opposition from the local population. Seeing that the situation worsened, the additional SP Bachchan Singh Meena together with the police from other police stations were called from the police line to the scene. When the police started taking the three wounded from the Gravel Mafia, the villagers objected. After three hours of hard work, the police administration, after persuading the villagers, opened the traffic jam and began to act.

There is silence in the village after the death of Ram Lakhan and his younger brother Suraj in the accident. The family is in a bad state of tears.

two people died in a bicycle accident

Additional Police Superintendent Bachchan Singh Meena said the tractor and bicycle were involved in an accident and two children were killed at the scene. After the incident, agitated villagers blocked the road and after persuasion the traffic jam was opened. The injured were admitted to the hospital.

We reported that the Chambal gravel business in the district was booming from the beginning, but on November 11, after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on gravel mining in Rajasthan, the gravel mafia has been rampant. This incident is not the first time in the district. Prior to this, dozens of people have been victims of the ravages of the gravel mafia. Whether on a highway, highway, or interchange road, gravel mob vehicles roam everywhere.

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