PM Modi will be coming to Lucknow DG Conference for All India, Amit Shah will also attend – PM Modi will arrive in Lucknow for DG All India Conference amit shah will also attend ntc

History highlights

  • Prime Minister Modi to honor IB officers with medals
  • The All India DG conference will be held in Lucknow

Preparations have started for the All India DG Conference to be held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. On November 19, 20 and 21, the Minister of the Interior and the Prime Minister of the country will participate in the conference of Chiefs of Police and Chiefs of Paramilitary Forces of all the states of the country. This time the All India General Management Conference is being organized by the UP Police in Lucknow.

This will be the largest police conference in the entire country at the police headquarters in Lucknow. The challenges faced in the last year regarding internal security in the country and how to prepare to face the challenges in the coming year, whether the states, BJP, BSF, CISF of all the states of the country are making preparations this DG , CRPF, ITBP and other paramilitary forces will arrive to attend this three-day conference.

On November 19, Interior Minister Amit Shah will be present at the opening session, while on November 20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also arrive in Lucknow and address the All India DG Conference. According to the information so far, the Prime Minister will stay in Lucknow on November 20 and return to Delhi on November 21 in the morning after attending the closing session of the DG Conference.

At the conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will honor IB officers with medals. According to the information received, the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, will be present at this conference for 3 days. For the preparations for the DG conference, arrangements are being made for security arrangements at the police headquarters. Security equipment is being checked at police headquarters. The roads leading to the police headquarters are being repaired. Apart from this, traffic signs and signs are also being repainted.

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