Personality: Aisan Bipatia – Popular folk singer Sharda sinha turns 70

Famous folk singer Sharda Sinha entering her 70s, the quality of folk music is declining, the deal with Corona and the preparations for Chhath.

On October 1, he entered 70 years of life. Traveling through the journey of more than four decades of folk music, what is its status today?

In the age of the internet, folk music has become even more hyped. Now, instead of a loudspeaker, there is a mobile in each hand. Popular songs are heard less now, they are seen more. Artists in small venues get publicity by singing anything. The lifestyle change has made a difference in folk music. Less musical creativity, more copy and paste.

How do you feel when young artists like Maithili Thakur or Chandan Tiwari sing your songs?

I have respected gurus in my musical journey, I practiced folk music while maintaining harmony between family and society. This is what I also expect from young artists.

While dealing with Corona, he also had to refute the rumors.

Music and Pranayama were my only support in the Corona neighborhood. In those days he used to remember Lata ji songs a lot, he used to sing Saranga Teri Yaad Mein… Din Katte Nahi Rain. During that time I came to know how much people love me. People from the hospital used to tell me from inside the EPP team which song they liked.

The rumor spread like fire. Calls came from small villages, worship began to occur. I had to refute it by coming live. The moment of returning home after recovering was very emotional. He had also sung the song: Remember my song while you walk.

The Chhath festival is about to arrive. What’s new this year?

I’m glad that not only people from the country but also from abroad get excited after hearing my Chhath songs. In 2016, Chhath’s Mere Geet Pehle Pehel Chhathi Maiya and Supvau Na Mile Mai once again reached new heights of popularity. This year I delivered my song Aisan Bipatiya Ail to the Government of India, which will be released in partnership with the Union Ministry of Health.

What else is left to do?
The stage performances have begun. There are some compositions of this type in the past that I could never record, now I want to do it. I also want to sing some of my favorite poems in Hindi. Also, I want to encourage young artists through my ‘Swara Sharda’ platform.
“Alok Paradkar.”

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