News synopsis: Airplane Talks – Plane Speaking india Today glass house

Discussion of a joint opposition to the BJP is in full swing for the 2000 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

The Secretary General of Congress and Head of the UP, Priyanka Gandhi, had a brief conversation with the national head of the SP (Samajwadi Party), Akhilesh Yadav, on a recent Delhi-Lucknow flight.

Nobody knows what he was talking about. The leaders of both parties called this meeting a coincidence.

But nine days later, Priyanka appeared on a chartered plane with Rashtriya Lok Dal’s boss, Jayant Choudhary.

Chaudhary was in the Lucknow airport lounge when Priyanka convinced him to fly to Delhi.

What is cooking after all? Is Priyanka jumping between the SP-RLD alliance?

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