Malini Agarwal shares 5 ways to make social media a friendlier place

The statement ‘Kindness is free, so sprinkle it everywhere’ made me think that we should celebrate kindness entirely all day, every day! How many times do you meet a person who is mean, unfriendly or rude on social media? Many in our day to day, but today, on ‘World Kindness Day’, let us promise each other that we will always spread positivity and joy online. Now, we’re sure you might be thinking how? Well don’t worry about the #Boss, Malini Agarwal has you covered. So what are you waiting for to start scrolling, following, and spreading kindness?

Here’s what Malini Agarwal has to say …

1. Never write anything you don’t say to someone’s face

Never say anything you don't want to someone's face (Source: Pinterest)
Never say anything you won’t say to someone’s face (Source: Pinterest)

Remember that hiding behind some kind of black mirror screen is not the way we should function in the world. Always imagine that the person is in front of you, before leaving a comment. On social media, you must behave as you would in real life!

2. Ignite the joy

Spark moments of joy (Source: Pinterest)
Spark moments of joy (Source: Pinterest)

Make sure the things you post spark joy in other people. Always think, do people come to visit your feed and leave happier or sadder than when they came? And try to make it the first.

3. Remember that followers are people too

Followers are people too (Source: Pinterest)
Followers are people too (Source: Pinterest)

Followers are not just a count of numbers, but people who like and resonate with your content, so look at them for what they are and create content that is engaging and entertaining.

4. Spend more time appreciating other people than updating your view count.

Appreciate more online (Source: Pinterest)
Appreciate more online (Source: Pinterest)

Show gratitude and appreciation to other people on social media. You can be more receptive and rejoice in the victory of others than repeatedly obsessing over your own view count. Your number of followers does not define you, your content does.

5. Actively seek out friends, followers, strangers and be their fashionable girl or boy for the day.

Actively search for friends (Source: Pinterest)
Actively search for friends (Source: Pinterest)

You know how much it means to you to receive positive comments, likes or love, and that is the truth. The truth is the same for everyone else. So, go and make someone else’s day today.

Malini Agarwal really gave us some simple but hard-hitting facts that we can follow in our daily lives. Now go ahead, love and support people online. Content creators and influencers work very hard to create unique and entertaining content. Therefore, we must recognize and appreciate them with kind words. In that regard, I wish you a very happy ‘World Kindness Day’. Also, in addition to being nice to others, don’t forget to reserve your spaces for vaccinations!

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