Maharashtra’s largest operation against Naxalites, 27 terrorists killed – Maharashtra Gudchiroli naxali death 26 police action operation ntc

History highlights

  • great action against the naxalites in maharashtra
  • 27 Naxalites killed in Gadchiroli

A major operation against the Naxalites has been carried out in the Gadchiroli area of ​​Maharashtra. Maharashtra C-60 police personnel have eliminated 27 Naxalites giving an appropriate response. More Naxalites are reported to have been killed in this action.

great attack on the naxalites

Maharashtra C-60 police have been known to have had a major encounter with the Naxalites in the Garapatti forests on Saturday. In that encounter itself, the police gave an adequate response and eliminated 27 terrorists in a single day. But four soldiers have also been injured in this operation, the treatment of which continues. He has been admitted to the Orange City Hospital in Nagpur.

By the way, if we talk about this operation, it had started this morning. This encounter continued for several hours and during this time many Naxalite camps were also demolished. However, this operation was also successful because the police gained a significant advantage over time. The police had received information that many Naxalites are hiding in the Garapatti forests. In such a situation, the C-60 police had come out in search of him. But somehow the Naxalites found out about the operation of the police and from that moment the encounter began.

27 dead, figure likely to rise

It is said that it was the Naxalites who first fired at the police, after which 27 Naxalites were killed in retaliation. According to the police, many of the top Naxalite commanders have also died in this operation. But none have been confirmed yet. But it is definitely said that the death toll may rise further. So far only 27 bodies have been recovered from the forest, but this number is expected to increase.

By the way, a few days ago, Naxalite Mangaru Mandvi, a reward of 2 lakhs, was also arrested in the same area. He was accused of murder and several attacks on the police. His arrest was a great success for the police.

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