Here are our favorite pregnancy announcement ideas

Getting pregnant for the first time is overwhelming for some women and an unexpected surprise for some. You may not even know where to start or the rush of emotions can cloud your days. Many changes happen in a body that is beginning to become a bit human.


A positive pregnancy test is the first sign of an exciting journey ahead for a couple. Some follow the 12-week rule and only break the news after the first trimester, when the chances of a miscarriage are comparatively lower. Some people are excited and some may even need attention with all the morning sickness and nausea, so they reveal their status earlier.


Either way, there will be a time when you will be ready to share your news with family and friends and here we will tell you about the most exciting ways to share your good news with your loved ones.

You can make your announcement when you feel ready; You don’t have to drop the beans before you feel comfortable, even if other people are putting pressure on you. It’s your pregnancy, so make your own rules.


There may be a million ways to announce your pregnancy; being active on social media means you just post a photo and BOOM! Your account will explode with comments and congratulatory messages.

There are so many fun ways to do that post, maybe you could hire a photographer and do a little shoot or hire a graphic designer and make a little image that is personal to your style.


Here, we have compiled some ideas for announcing your pregnancy and we are sure that you will find some inspiration to suit your personal style.


1. Show that lump!

Cradle that bump and click through a few photos, some close-ups of the bump, and some full-length photos of you and your partner cradling the bump together. These can even go in your pregnancy journal and used in your baby’s keepsake box.

2. Use a blackboard

Write a quote that resonates with you, wear a few accessories, and click on a nice flat image. You could even write a funny quote if that’s your style. You can hold it against yourself and click on some images.

3. Involve siblings

Ask the siblings to be part of the announcement. Get a cute t-shirt or hat that says “promoted to big brother.” You could even ask the brother to make a little video that says “excited to be the big brother.”

4. Get your pets involved too

Pets and children are known to have a very special bond. You can make your pet a part of the image or post and have it click along with you. This makes a very special advertisement idea for pet parents.

5. Use your ultrasound image

You need to take a photo of your ultrasound and use it to make a post. You could even save all the ultrasounds to see the progress your little baby is making and how the size of a grape seed they grow into this beautiful little human with hands and legs!

6. Support your pregnancy test

Use your pregnancy test for support and click on some pictures with it. I know some moms who have framed their pregnancy tests along with their first ultrasound image. It is a beautiful memory.

7. Use any festival / season to make your announcement.

If any festival or season is nearing the date of your announcement, you can incorporate it for publication.

8. Your favorite series

If you or your partner are in any series, take advantage of that and use it to reveal your pregnancy!

In the end, what matters is you and your baby, so personalize it and make it yours!

Which pregnancy announcement idea did you like the most?

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