Hearing on air pollution in delhi and ncr in SC Arvind Kejriwal ntc

History highlights

  • The ravages of pollution continue in Delhi-NCR
  • The hearing on this issue was held in the Supreme Court on Saturday.
  • The Supreme Court expressed its concern about the contamination issue

The pollution chaos continues in Delhi-NCR. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Supreme Court hears the issue of contamination. During this, the Supreme Court, expressing concern about the increase in the level of contamination, reprimanded the central government. Along with this, the court also recommended that the government impose a two-day shutdown as an immediate measure to deal with the contamination.

Chief Justice NV Ramanna said: I don’t want to say how much is the effect of burning stubble on pollution and the rest is the contribution of firecrackers, vehicles, dust and construction. Tell us what are the immediate measures to control contamination. The CJI said that, if possible, impose a two-day lockdown.

‘Farmers alone are not responsible for pollution’
The CJI told the Center that it believes that the farmer is responsible for all contamination. Why didn’t you pay attention to firecrackers and vehicular pollution?

After the start of the hearing, lawyer Rahul Mehra, who appeared for the Delhi government, apologized to the court for the delay in the affidavit. To this, the CJI said: “No problem. At least there is some thought. At the same time, on behalf of the central government, SG Tushar Mehta said that we have also submitted the detailed affidavit.

‘Very low level of pollution, people wear masks in their homes’
The Supreme Court expressed concern about the increase in the level of contamination. The Supreme Court told central government attorney Tushar Mehta that the level of pollution has become very bad. People are sitting in their houses with masks. What measures has the central government taken so far to prevent pollution? The CJI asked the central government what measures have been taken with regard to stubble.

On this, the graphic was presented in court on behalf of the Center. In this, the information on the procedures carried out in the matter of contamination was delivered to the Supreme Court. The court requested information from the Attorney General on the stubble removal and subsidy. After all, what is the loss to farmers?

I’m also a farmer – Justice Surya Kant
CJI Ramanna told the Center, you know how bad the situation is. The situation has worsened due to the burning of stubble. What steps is the government taking to stop this? In this Tushar Mehta said that the Center is giving machines in the form of a subsidy. Judge Suryakant asked what his fee is. Stubble and residue management machines are so expensive that farmers cannot afford them. I am a farmer, CJI is also a farmer. Do we know what happens? Tushar Mehta said about this, you earn an 80 percent subsidy.

The Supreme Court asked why the Center does not take the stubble from the farmers and give it to the industries. The court asked the Center about the percentage of farmers and land using biodecomposers in Haryana. The figures were presented by the Center.


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