drank a lot, ate poison, survived, hanged, attempted suicide 3 times in 24 hours – strange case young man three suicide attempts poison hanging Betul Madhya Pradesh tsts

History highlights

  • After drinking alcohol, the person ate poison, if death did not come, they hanged him.
  • There used to be a dispute with the wife, now the treatment continues in the hospital.

A strange case has come to light in Betul, Madhya Pradesh, where a young man has committed three suicide attempts. When someone told him, he first tried to kill himself by drinking too much alcohol. If he failed, he ate poison. If he survived, he hanged himself. The young man is being treated at the district hospital in critical condition.

The matter is from Pathakheda from the Chicholi Police Station area in Betul. According to doctors, 35-year-old Ravindra Katare, who was referred from Chicholi CHC and sent to the district hospital, has made three simultaneous suicide attempts.

If alcohol poisoning came, then he ate poison.

Dr. Ajay Mahore says that Ravindra first drank alcohol until he lost consciousness and, when he regained consciousness, he ate a poisonous substance. Even after that, if he survived, they would hang him by the noose. The poisonous substance has been eliminated, but its status is critical. According to the doctor, the patient is not cooperating at all, so there is a problem in the treatment. The young man is said to have his own taxi. He had come home only on Friday morning.

Brother Vinod said that after receiving information that Ravindra had eaten something and was hanging, he took him to the hospital. Perhaps there was some break with the sister-in-law Seema, because first she drank a lot of alcohol and then she ate a little. It is not known what he ate. After this he also tried to hang himself at home. Seeing in time, he lowered him from the rope.

The police were unable to take his statement as the young man’s condition was critical. Chicholi Police Station TI Ajay Soni says the information has not come from the Chicholi Hospital, an investigation will be conducted after taking information on this matter.


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