Did you know Kishore Kumar had a secret ladder through his closet that he used to avoid ‘unwanted’ people

Kishore Kumar once simply opened the closet, walked in, and disappeared when a producer wanted to meet him (Image credit: IMDb)

The legendary Bollywood singer, Kishore Kumar, is considered one of the greatest singers in the history of Indian music. The late singer sang in various genres, from soft tunes to lively tunes and romantic moods. The poet and lyricist Gulzar claims that Kumar had several tricks up his sleeve.

Although the world knows him as a singer, he is also an actor and has appeared in a few movies. He acted in films such as Ladki, Naukari, Miss Malaysia, Char Paise, and Baap Re Baap. He was a fervent admirer of Hollywood actor and singer Danny Kaye.

Gulzar in his book Actually … I Met Them: A Memoir mentioned an incident where Kishore Kumar was not in the mood to talk to a producer who came to his residence seeking a meeting with him. But the legendary singer “just opened his closet, walked in and disappeared!”

Speaking about the incident, as reported by the Hindustan Times, the veteran lyricist wrote: “I used to have this amazing closet that hid a secret staircase inside. Kishoreda simply opened the closet, walked in, and disappeared! Leaving the producer waiting for him outside the open doors of the contraption. At the very least, this underscores the immense effort and planning required to live a life of absurdity. “

Gulzar also cited another incident in his book. He recalled how Kishore Kumar stopped recording songs for a movie called Bharosa to order tea. After an endless wait, when tea finally arrived, the legendary singer went ahead with the recording without even taking a sip.

“Every time we tried to persuade Kishoreda, ‘Let’s go, Dada, let’s finish the recording, Abdul, your driver who had gone out to get tea, will be here soon,’ he would reply with: ‘Let Abdul come. I’ll have tea and only then. ‘ Finally, when Abdul returned, Kishoreda immediately declared, ‘Okay, let’s shoot.’ Why don’t you want tea? we asked. Without paying attention to us, he went to make the recording ”, wrote the lyrical poet.

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