Dev Uthani Ekadashi 2021: November 14 or 15, do you know when the Dev Uthani Ekadashi fast will be kept? See Shubh Muhurat here – Dev Uthani Ekadashi 2021 When will Dev uthani Ekadashi’s fast be kept? Make no mistake on November 14 or 15 tlifd

History highlights

  • Confusion due to date of birth
  • Special benefits of fasting and worshiping Ekadashi

Dev Uthani Ekadashi 2021 Date: Shukla Paksha’s Ekadashi of the month of Kartik is called Devuthani Ekadashi. On this day, Lord Vishnu awakens after four months of yoga nidra. It is believed that the fruits of worship performed on this day are doubled. This year there is confusion among people regarding the Ekadashi fast. When will the fast be kept and when will the fast end? Please let us know when to keep the time and method of worship fast and auspicious.

Stay fast on this date
Devuthani Ekadashi is November 14, 2021 this year. According to Jyotishacharya, the Ekadashi date will start at 5:48 a.m. on November 14, which is until 6.39 a.m. on November 15. The Ekadashi fast will be kept on this day from the beginning of this date at Udayatithi on November 14. After worshiping Sri Hari on the morning of November 15, break your fast.

Devotthan Ekadashi’s Method of Worship
After making a sugar cane pavilion, make a square in the middle. After this, if you wish, you can keep an image or idol of Lord Vishnu in the middle of the square. Next to the square, the footprints of God are made, which are covered. After this, sugar cane, water chestnuts, and fruit candies are offered to the Lord. A ghee lamp is lit and remains lit throughout the night. In the morning, the feet of the Lord are duly worshiped. Then they wake up touching their feet. At this time the sound of the shell-ghanta and kirtan is made. After this the story of the fast is heard. After which all auspicious work can duly begin.

Don’t do this job on Ekadashi
1. Eating rice is considered completely forbidden on this day. Apart from this, the consumption of non-vegetarian products or products with tamasic properties should also be avoided.
2. Those who have observed a fast on Ekadashi should not clean their teeth with wooden sticks or paste. Because on this day the leaves should not be plucked from any tree or plant.
3. Avoid breaking Tulsi on Ekadashi, because Tulsi is Vishnu’s beloved.
4. Tulsi should be ripped off beforehand by offering Bhog, but don’t take the Tulsi offered by yourself.
5. Those who keep fasting should not consume cabbage, carrot, turnip, spinach, kulfa, etc. 6. On this day, do not create discord in the house even after you have forgotten.

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