Dead body of elevator operator found in Delhi on 7th floor of ongoing Saket Court investigation ntc

History highlights

  • Elevator operator’s body found on Saket court
  • body sent for autopsy

The body of a 31-year-old elevator operator was found on the seventh floor of Delhi’s Saket Court. Police said the death was suspected natural as no wound marks were found on his body. The man has been identified as Yogesh, who used to work as an elevator operator. Sometimes he used to stay on campus at night. A street sweeper named Akash saw the corpse for the first time while cleaning it. The body lay on the seventh floor of the building’s fire escape stairwell. The body has been sent for an autopsy.

Yogesh was an employee of Swastik Electrotech Pvt Ltd. This firm is engaged in supplying labor for the maintenance of court buildings by PWD. Interrogation revealed that Yogesh Kumar had a habit of consuming alcohol and other toxic substances and was often intoxicated even while on duty. Not on duty for the last 3-4 days. He never used to be on time for his duty, so instead of assigning him as an elevator operator, the supervisor gave him the job of cleaning, etc.

The crime team and forensic teams have inspected the SOC. Since there are no external injuries to the body, there is no possibility of disturbances occurring. The mother of the deceased has been informed by phone. The body has been sent to AIIMS for autopsy. Proceedings are being initiated under Section 174 CrPC on the matter.

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