Charisma of Paytm IPO, 350 company employees will become millionaires as soon as they appear on the list. – 350 current and former Paytm employees will become Crorepati millionaires after the successful launch of the IPO tutk

History highlights

  • Big deal to become a millionaire in India
  • ‘Respect for joining a startup’

Paytm IPO has written a new success story this week. Paytm’s parent company, One97 Communication, has received nearly twice the number of offers compared to its IPO size, while the share destined for anchor investors has also received multiple subscriptions. This Paytm IPO is the largest public offering in the country’s history, and it will now also turn 350 employees and former employees of the company into millionaires.

Faced with opposition from his father, today he became a millionaire

According to Reuters news, after the Paytm IPO, the net worth of these company employees will be at least Rs 1 million. Siddharth Pandey, a former Paytm employee, says that when he joined Paytm 9 years ago, he had to face opposition from his father for joining a new company. But now, when the company is listed next week, he will have become a millionaire.

Big deal to become a millionaire in India

India’s per capita income is less than $ 2000 (about Rs 1.48 lakhs), so becoming a millionaire is a big deal. Pandey does not currently work with Paytm, so he has refused to reveal his true identity. But he says that by working in the company for 7 years, he has a good number which means that there are thousands of shares in the company.

He didn’t give much information, but on Friday, Paytm’s share of the gray market was 2,150 rupees. Based on this, Pandey says that it has stocks worth more than Rs 1 crore.

Like him, there are about 350 employees of the company who have a large number of Paytm shares and after the listing of the company, they will all be included in the millionaires.

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