Anushka Sharma was not seen in any movie for 3 years, why did she take a break? – this is the reason why anushka sharma is not starting her new projects tmov

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  • Anushka Sharma was not seen in movies for a long time.
  • I said why did you take a break

Anushka Sharma has distanced himself from cinema since 2018. Although he has made films as a producer in the meantime, it has been almost three years since I saw him in mainstream films. In these three years, Anushka became the mother of her first child and is currently focusing entirely on the motherhood phase. During this time he was seen on some brand endorsements. He has spoken to the fashion magazine Grazia about why he is so far from the cinema.

It is important to give yourself space for your growth: Anushka

In an interview with Grazia, Anushka Sharma told why she took a break from the movies. Connecting with this, he also spoke on the subject of mental health. She says, ‘The issue of mental health and taking a break from work is important to people now.’

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According to him, if someone has a Choc-o-bloc diary, it does not mean that the person will do a better job. “As a creative person, you need to give yourself a space where you can grow, innovate and discover new aspects of yourself.”

I spent quality time with Virat at Pandemic: Anushka

Anushka further said that there is a double pressure on women’s lives before and after pregnancy. She says: ‘Being such a cautious person, I was still worried. I kept wondering if I would start to hate my body.

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In this interview, Anushka said that she learned to view life positively when she became pregnant during the Corona pandemic. ‘Virat and I had a lot of time to spend together as they weren’t playing any games at the time. If he had been traveling, I would not have been able to keep him company in that condition.

Anushka is known to have stayed away from the movies during her pregnancy, but she provided Virat with complete company at her cricket tournaments.

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