Akhilesh targeted Yogi for renaming Azamgarh ntc

History highlights

  • “People have now made the decision that there will be a change in 2022.”
  • “Now the false promises of BJP have come in front of the people of UP”
  • ‘Even after 4.5 years the CM did not inaugurate its work’

Assembly elections will be held in Uttar Pradesh next year. All parties have taken to the field regarding their preparations. So the round of accusations and counter-accusations has also begun. Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav targeted CM Yogi Adityanath for the gesture of changing Azamgarh’s name. In a conversation with Aaj Tak, he said that the people of Gorakhpur have decided that there will be a change in 2022.

Supreme SP Akhilesh Yadav said that now the false promises of the BJP have reached the public. Traders are being killed in Thokho Raj in Uttar Pradesh. He said: “Interior Minister Amit Shah and CM Yogi have come to see the development of Azamgarh. Even after 4.5 years, CM has not inaugurated any of his work there. Now no one will trust his words.”

On the plan to change Azamgarh’s name, Akhilesh said CM Yogi only knows how to change the name. Things come to change color, but now the false promises of BJP have been presented to the public. That is why the people will vote so much that their government will change. From Purvanchal to West UP, BJP is going to disappear.

Farmers are upset in West UP

Akhilesh said I was recently in Muzaffar Nagar in West Uttar Pradesh, the farmer is upset, the sugarcane payment has not been made to the farmers. The Bharatiya Janata Party will not be able to survive in the assembly elections this time under any circumstances. He said that November 22 is Netaji’s (Mulayam Singh) birthday. There will be no political work on this day.

I didn’t make my full point in Jinnah’s case

At the same time, at the recent meeting of Priyanka Gandhi and Jayant Chaudhary, he said that anyone can meet anyone in a public place. We will conclude discussions with RLD very soon. During this, Akhilesh said about the Jinnah case that my whole story should have been shown, but it didn’t happen. The whole thing was not shown.


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