Winter joint pain: winter joint pain 5 tips on arthritis symptoms in winter season Tlif

History highlights

  • Cold is dangerous for people with arthritis
  • Joint and bone pain as the temperature drops.

During the winter season, people complain a lot of joint and bone pain. This time it is very difficult for people with arthritis. As soon as the temperature drops, the joints begin to stiffen and the pain begins in the bones. Older people also have a hard time getting up and sitting down. Doctors say that some tips can provide relief for arthritis patients during the winter season.

keep body warmArthritis patients should be very careful during this season. Keep your entire body covered with warm clothing. Keeping your body warm will reduce joint pain. Cover the palm and knees with an extra layer of clothing. Wear socks on your feet. Such precautions in the cold relieve arthritis.

hydrate the bodyWe are less thirsty in the winter season, but this does not mean that our body also needs less water. There should be no shortage of water in the body at any time of the year. Water keeps the body hydrated, so our body remains more active. If you want, you can keep your body hydrated with chicken soup, vegetable soup, or other drinks instead of water.

keep in weightPeople are less active due to obesity or being overweight. People with arthritis should always keep their weight under control. If necessary, weight loss should also be started. For this you can take the help of cardio, weight loss training or special diet. The full effect of body weight falls on our joints and bones. So don’t be careless.

take a hot bathBathing in hot water in winter also provides great relief. According to the Arthritis Foundation, hot water provides great relief to arthritis patients. This provides great relaxation to your joints and muscles. Keep in mind that it takes time to normalize your body temperature, so don’t forget to take a hot bath immediately after turning off the cold temperature.

vitamin DDue to the lack of vitamin D in winter, our body is more sensitive to pain. Vitamin D deficiency can also make you a victim of osteoporosis. So try to stay sunny for some time in winter. By taking only 15 minutes of sunlight a day, the body gets enough vitamin D. You can also consume eggs, mushrooms, fatty fish, milk or dairy products for this.

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