Why is the “Delhi Dialogue” on Afghanistan important to India? Learn the meaning of China-Pakistan absence – delhi security dialogue on afghanistan issues nsa ajit doval iran russia china pakistan ntc meeting agenda explanation

History highlights

  • Delhi Dialogue on the Afghanistan Question
  • 8 countries of the world, including India, joined

Starting today, a major conference on the theme of Afghanistan was held in New Delhi. 8 countries participated in this conference. This is the third such meeting to be held on the question of Afghanistan, and for the first time, it is being chaired by India. National Security Advisers (NSAs) from 8 countries, including India, will meet at this meeting. At this conference, topics such as the rise of terrorism, extremism, drug production and smuggling in Afghanistan after the Taliban occupation, as well as security-related challenges will be discussed.

At this meeting, the NSA Ajit Doval said that this is the time for maximum dialogue, cooperation and coordination among the countries of the region, so that in addition to helping the people of Afghanistan, our collective security can also increase.

The first such meeting was held in 2018

In 2018, when the United States decided to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, the idea of ​​such a conference came to light that same year. The NSA-level talks were held for the first time in September 2018. Iran hosted this meeting. India, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and China attended this meeting. Its second meeting was held in December 2019 and Tajikistan and Uzbekistan also participated in it. Pakistan had refused to attend both meetings.

What countries are joining now?

This third NSA level meeting is held under the chairmanship of India. This meeting has been called the “Delhi Dialogue”. In addition to India, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have participated in this meeting. Pakistan had refused to attend this meeting. At the same time, China has expressed its inability to attend this meeting due to scheduling problems.

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What is the meeting agenda?

After all, what was the reason that eight countries of the world had to come together on the issue of the security of Afghanistan? There are 5 great reasons for this …

1. Terrorism on the rise in Afghanistan after the capture of the Taliban.

2. Extremism and extremism.

3. Cross-border migration began after the arrival of the Taliban.

Four. Drug production and smuggling.

5. Threats of weapons left in Afghanistan by countries of the United States and NATO.

What does the absence of China and Pakistan mean?

Due to the presence of India, Pakistan did not participate in the first two meetings and refused to participate in the third meeting as well. Pakistan had refused to attend this meeting saying that India is not a “peacemaker”. When Pakistani National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf was asked about his participation in this meeting, he said “I will not go. I don’t have to go, I cannot play the role of a disruptive peacemaker.”

At the same time, China also refused to attend this meeting on the last occasion. China had attended the first two meetings, but this time it distanced itself, citing scheduling problems. It is also being seen that China is also trying to send a message on this issue that it does not want to get involved in any process led by India. Apart from this, China is also considered close to the Taliban.

Why is there no representative from Afghanistan at this meeting?

Afghanistan had also participated in the two initial meetings, but has not been convened at this meeting. The main reason for this is the Taliban. On the issue of not calling the Afghan representative at the meeting, the sources said that we do not invite the Taliban because we do not recognize them. Furthermore, none of these countries have recognized them.

What is India’s agenda?

Sources said India clearly says about Afghanistan that Taliban-ruled Afghanistan cannot be allowed to become a safe haven for terrorists. The rights of minorities, women and children must be protected under the rule of the Taliban. But the Taliban do not care at all about their rights. The Pakistani government, army and intelligence agency ISI have tremendous influence over the Taliban. The world knows that Pakistan wants to use Afghanistan’s land against India.


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