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Chutkule and funny jokes: Just as good air and good food are necessary for anyone to be healthy, laughter also plays an important role in keeping you healthy. If you are in the habit of laughing in the morning and at night, you can steer clear of mental stress. That is why we have brought you such funny jokes that after reading them you will laugh.

> Teacher- Tell me, what do we call monkey in Hindi?
student- monkey
Teacher: Looking at the book, did you say it?
Student- No, I said to see you.

> In class, the teacher asked the children – tell me, fill in the thorns
Who will accompany you on the way? husband, wife, parents,
Boyfriend, girlfriend or friend?
Sonu stood up and said, “Mr. Chappal!”
Then Master ji hit Sonu with slippers.

> Mother of 2 children was getting married for the third time
During the rounds a boy started crying
The groom fainted upon hearing the mother’s response.
Mother said shut up or else I won’t bring it next time.

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> A Baba went to a meeting where everyone started making fun of him.
Baba said: Look, we are Fakir people, don’t make fun of us.
People laughed a lot … suddenly everyone stopped looking. they went blind
They all fell at the feet of Baba Baba Ji forgive us
Baba took off his shoe and hit everyone one by one and said
For years the lights go out, they turn on any generator, I can’t even see it.

> Master ji- Tell me what is such a thing, which is smaller by pulling …?
Pappu- Sir Bidi …!
Master ji – son of drug addict,
You left my class …!

> Judge- Why did you light a match in the sheriff’s pocket?
Sonu – Lord, Havaldar Sahib had said,
If I wanted bail, I would strike a match by heating my pocket.

(Disclaimer: The jokes for this section are taken from popular content shared on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Its purpose is only to tickle people. To ridicule someone on the grounds of caste, religion, creed , race, color or gender, it is absolutely not our intention to exploit, demean or comment on it).

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