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History highlights

  • Professor arrested for killing his wife
  • Husband had the driver kill his wife
  • Police arrested the three defendants involved in the murder

Delhi police arrested the assistant professor for the murder of his wife. The professor’s nephew, Govind, and his driver Rakesh, who participated in the murder, were also arrested. According to the police, this murder was carried out by the driver Rakesh only on Tuesday night. At the time of the murder, Professor Virendra had left the house under some pretext not to be a suspect.

Teacher, nephew and driver arrested for killing his wife

Police said the three defendants involved in this murder had motives of their own. For this reason, the three of them together hatched a conspiracy to kill. There used to be frequent fights between the assistant professor’s wife and them. They both did not like each other. Two months ago, the deceased woman had also filed a complaint against her professor husband at the Burari police station. The third defendant involved in this murder is Govind, who is Professor Virendra’s nephew, he became involved in this murder because he loved his uncle very much. He couldn’t see his Uncle Virendra’s troubles.

The three defendants had their respective motives for murder.

Driver Rakesh, the third defendant involved in this murder, was also right. Due to the professor’s wife, Pinky, he had lost his job and also had to leave the house. He lived in the teacher’s house for the past three years. Rakesh told police that three years ago he used to drive a taxi and during this time he met Virendra, who is an assistant professor at a university. Rakesh said that Virendra considered him her younger brother. He also gave him a WagonR that he used to drive and Virendra also gave Rakesh a place to live in a room on the roof of his house. So he didn’t even charge rent. In which he lived with his wife and children.

Driver Rakesh lived in Professor Virendra’s house

Rakesh also told the police that Virendra did not pay him every month and used to tell him to bring money together when necessary. In February of last year, Virendra married Pinky. According to Virendra, when Pinky got home, she asked Virendra to get Rakesh out of the house, there was an argument between Rakesh and Pinky on this issue. According to Rakesh, he had become unemployed and had to change his family, so he was very angry for Pinky and killed Pinky with the intention of revenge.

The woman was executed with a spirit of revenge.

According to the police, the defendant first strangled Pinky to death. After that, he was also electrocuted. So that it is known that he is not alive. Virendra’s father was also present at the time of the murder. Due to old age, he is unable to walk and has very little hearing. According to police, Rakesh did not name anyone during the initial questioning. But the clues the police got from the scene and after that, when the police examined the surrounding CCTV footage, Virendra and Govind were seen with Rakesh in it. After this, when the police questioned them both in custody, they all confessed to their crime.

All three conspired to assassinate, Rakesh executed the incident

Police say the conspiracy yesterday, that is, Tuesday, was hatched by all three, but only Rakesh carried out the murder. At the time Rakesh was killing Pinky, Govind was standing at the door of the house watching for anyone to come, while Virendra had deliberately taken her mother to the hospital so that she could be under suspicion. .

This is how they captured Rakesh accused of murder

In fact, this whole affair was revealed when Havildar Bhima, stationed at the Burari Police Station, was on patrol. When Bhima reached 100 Futa Road, he saw a man sitting on the side of the road in a very disturbed and distressed condition. When Agent Bhima immediately approached the person, he named him Rakesh and when Bhima asked him why he was so upset, Rakesh told him that he had killed his sister-in-law Pinky.

the woman’s body was lying on the bed

Bhima immediately took Rakesh home and there he saw that the corpse of a woman was lying on the bed. Bhima immediately informed the senior officers of the police station about this murder, after which the police arrested the defendant by registering a murder case in this case.

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