Toilet water was drunk in the hospital for 30 years! Such a mistake: toilet water has been used for drinking in a hospital in japan for 30 years, the water pipes are poorly connected tstf

History highlights

  • no one knew for 30 years
  • The senses of hospital administration

The water lines were accidentally connected to the toilet lines at a hospital in Japan. Because people were using toilet water. This cycle continued for 30 years. When the hospital administration found out about this, they were shocked. Let’s get to know the whole thing …

According to Japanese media outlet Yomiuri Shimbun, on October 20, Osaka University Hospital reported that some of the tap water pipes in the medical department were incorrectly connected. When the matter was further investigated, the shocking truth came to light. Many drinking water pipes were found to be connected to the toilet.

The 120 faucet plumbing was connected to the toilet.

The surprising thing is that this misconnection is from 1993. This hospital was only opened in 1993. For the past 30 years, the employees / patients here were using toilet water for their needs. Pipes from about 120 hospital taps were said to be connected to the toilet.

This disclosure came at a time when it was decided to build a new hospital building. Such a major flaw came to light during the inspection of the new building. The report claimed that the hospital checks the color, odor and taste of the water at least once a week, but no problems have been found since 2014.

In front of the media, Kazuhiko Nakatani, a researcher at Osaka Hospital and vice president of the hospital, apologized, saying, “I am very sorry that the hospital providing advanced medical care has caused concern.” He further said that the hospital will now regularly check the water pipe connections.

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