The Pakistani government is building the first Hindu temple in Islamabad after many controversies tlifw

History highlights

  • The land allocated for the Hindu temple in Islamabad was canceled
  • Hindu community once again obtained land after disputes

There was a dispute some time ago in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, when the land allotted to the Hindu community was canceled. A Hindu temple, a cremation ground, and a community center would be built on this land. However, following criticism on this issue, this land has once been assigned to the Hindu community.

According to the Dawn newspaper report, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) revealed to the court on Monday during the hearing of a case in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) that the land allocated to the Hindu community has been canceled. CDA lawyer Javed Iqbal told the court that the civic agency had canceled the land for the Hindu community in February this year because construction had not started.

In 2016, 0.5 acres of land in Islamabad were reportedly allocated to the Hindu community. A Hindu temple, a crematorium, and a community center would be built on this land. The news of the cancellation of the land allotment had drawn ire from the Hindu community on Pakistani social media and many criticized the CDA move. It was also said that the CDA should withdraw this notice.

‘The land of the Hindu community was canceled due to a misunderstanding’

Speaking of this matter, CDA spokesman Syed Asif Raza said that following the government’s decision, the entire award of land handed over to various offices, universities and other institutions in which no construction work was started was canceled. . However, concerned civic agency officials had misinterpreted the cabinet’s decision and because of this, the land allocated to the Hindu community was also canceled. He said that since approval has already been received for the construction of the border wall on the land assigned for the temple, in such a situation, this place does not fall into the category of land where no construction work has been done, so the The cabinet decision does not apply to this land.

When asked if the CDA would initiate any investigation against those who misinterpreted the cabinet’s decision, he said on the matter that, in fact, no one had any bad intention in this matter. There was some confusion due to the cabinet decision, but when the matter was brought to the attention of higher authorities, the award was immediately reinstated.

This will be the first Hindu temple in Islamabad

It is worth noting that in July of last year, radical groups in Pakistan criticized the decision to build a Hindu temple in Islamabad with government funds and because of this, the CDA stopped work on the site. However, this matter was resolved in December last year when the permit to build a border wall around this land was issued. Please tell him that there is no temple or cremation center for the Hindu community in Islamabad. After various efforts by the Pakistan Human Rights Commission and the community, the CDA had allocated land for the Hindu community in 2016. There used to be a temple in the village of Saidpur in Islamabad, but that temple was destroyed ago. decades.

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