Ryan Reynolds’ life-changing secret advice amid the pandemic is something we should all try and follow (even if we fail!)

Ryan Reynolds: Leaving my phone at night has changed my life (Photo Credit – Wikimedia)

Actor Ryan Reynolds has found putting down his phone at night to be a “strange and unexpectedly restorative” practice.

The star, who is preparing for the launch of her next ‘Red Notice’ on Netflix, told the American television show ‘Extra’ about the things she learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, including her decision to try to shut down. more in the evening, reports aceshowbiz.com.

“One thing I’ve learned to do is hang up the phone at night,” Ryan Reynolds explained. “It is a discipline, it is difficult in these times. We are all kind of addicted to our phones and social media … so leaving those things for the night has changed my life. That has allowed me to be more present with my family and I have found it to be strangely and unexpectedly restorative. “

Ryan Reynolds recently announced that he will be taking a planned sabbatical from Hollywood and explained the reasons for the breakup in more detail during his interview with ‘Extra’.

“The pandemic was very hard on the children … I recognize and recognize the fact that I am very fortunate not to have a salary for another, so I was able to be at home with my children when we were locked up,” he said.

“It made me think about how important that time is and then all the movies I had … suddenly they were consecutive when we came out of the pandemic and that was very difficult because my children were in school and I couldn’t not bring them to me. “.

“My wife (Blake Lively) and I tend not to work at the same time so we can always be with the kids and that was a real struggle for me and I felt like I needed to be more at home.”

Ryan Reynolds added: “It doesn’t mean that I stop work or development or stop other things that I’m doing, I’m just not going to shoot movies in the next time to at least work from home and be there.” In the morning and evening “.

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