Raqesh Bapat’s health deteriorates, hospitalized, what will happen to Bigg Boss? – Raqesh Bapat, hospitalized for kidney stone pain, leaves Bigg Boss 15 tmov

History highlights

  • Rakesh Bapat exits Bigg Boss
  • hospitalized for stone pain

At Bigg Boss 15, Rakesh Bapat entered as a wild card contestant last week. People liked the love angle between Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat on the show. But the joy of the fans has been noticed. Rakesh Bapat has had to leave the program for medical reasons.

Rakesh Bapat admitted to hospital
Times of India quoted sources as saying that Rakesh suffered severe kidney stone pain on November 8 at BB House. As a result, Rakesh was kicked out of Bigg Boss’s house on November 9 and admitted to the Mumbai hospital. Currently, Rakesh is under the supervision of doctors. After recovering well, Rakesh can return to the show. Fans are praying for Rakesh’s speedy recovery.

Afsana Khan Gets Physical In A Fight With Shamita Shetty, Bigg Boss Exits The Show!

On Tuesday’s episode, viewers were able to see a romantic date between Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty. There is a tremendous discussion about their romantic date on social media. Fans are quite impressed to see the love of the couple. They are telling both of you to be made for each other. Shamita is also very happy for Rakesh’s arrival on the show. But in the next few episodes, Rakesh’s poor health and his departure from the show could be a major setback for Shamita Shetty.

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Afsana Khan out of BB House!
Not only Rakesh, there is also speculation about the departure of Punjabi singer Afsana Khan from BB House. Many reasons are emerging for Afsana’s exit from the program. It is said that Afsana had to be off the show due to being physical with Shamita Shetty. There is also a discussion that Afsana has been kicked out of the program for medical reasons due to a panic attack.


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