Priyanka Chopra Jonas gets sentimental with her engagement ring

Priyanka and Nick Jonas are probably one of the most loved couples in Bollywood and Hollywood! Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas have always set big goals for themselves in relationships and never give up an opportunity to let the world know how much they love each other. Recently while speaking to Vogue Arabia, the talented actress spoke about the meaning of her engagement ring to her and what she said is gold!

I was certainly intrigued by the backstory of the ring. So, let’s hear what Priyanka had to say about it:

“If I don’t say my engagement ring, my husband will kill me. It’s a prank! I have to say it was my engagement ring because it was unexpected and I am very sentimental about the jewelry that I wear. It is always associated with memories for me. So I would definitely say that. ”

Speaking about the same engagement ring on a radio show, Nick revealed that Priyanka had already expressed that the ring had to be from Tiffany’s. This was because there was a strong sentimental connection to his late father. And so Nick made sure to do exactly what Priyanka had dreamed of.

The engagement was of course followed by the two big weddings Nick and Priyanka had in Jodhpur in 2018. Both the Hindu and Christian ceremonies were beautiful beyond belief and I am in love with their romance!

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