Matthew McConaughey remains skeptical about vaccinating his children against Kovid

The Angels:
Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is skeptical about Kovid’s vaccination of his children.

As reported by, the actor has spoken of his reluctance to vaccinate his children as he needs time to learn more.

The Academy Award-winning actor spoke about his stance on the childhood vaccination mandate at The New York Times DealBook Summit on November 1.

“I couldn’t get vaccinations for young children because I just wanted to know more,” Sorkin told Andrew Ross of The Times.

McConaughey later insisted that he and his wife Camila Alves had been immunized against the virus.

He insisted, I’ve vaccinated him. My wife has been vaccinated. I didn’t do it at someone’s behest, I did it because I had to.

At the summit, McConaughey also spoke about Texas’ controversial six-week abortion ban, which faces a challenge from the Supreme Court. Calling it too offensive, he explained that it doesn’t make room for a sensible option at the right time.

“I believe in it and I take it as more responsibility, more personal responsibility to make the right decisions and we have to choose in the context of every situation and position of individuals, position of every woman,” she said.

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