JODHPUR: Food Pipe Hired After Drinking Acid Jodhpur Aiims Robotic Surgery TSTR

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A young man from Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, had used acid 9 months ago. Due to which his digestive tract, that is, the feeding tube, had shrunk. When his condition worsened, his family members took him to Jodhpur AIIMS (AIIMS Jodhpur). Here doctors repaired his narrowed esophagus with robotic surgery.

AIIMS Jodhpur Director Dr. Sanjeev Mishra said that this operation has been performed entirely by a robot. This is called the Ivor Lewis technique.

In this operation, only an 8 mm incision was made. After that, the robots’ hands together eliminated the contraction of the digestive tract. Dr. MK Garg, AIIMS Jodhpur Medical Superintendent, said the young man was unable to eat food from his mouth for a long time. They were giving him food continuously by placing a tube in his stomach.

Under normal circumstances, long incisions must be made to perform such an operation, but the doctors decided that the operation should be done with robotic surgery. For this a team of Dr. Vaibhav Vashnreya, Dr. Selvakumar, Dr. Subhash, Dr. Piyush was formed. This team successfully carried out this operation via robot.

According to Dr. Vaibhav, the treatment of complex stomach-related diseases is carried out continuously in the Department of Gastronomic Surgery. In this operation, four incisions of only 8 mm were made between the abdomen and the chest during the surgery by the robot. In normal surgery, the length of these incisions increases considerably. It also takes time for the patient to recover. After this operation, the young man received food by mouth on the fourth day. After that, the patient has been sent home. Now she is completely healthy.

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