Indore: Crorepati’s wife eloped with a 13-year-old driver, wandered through Lonavala-Khandala, returned home after running out of money: property broker’s wife returned money spent, woman had eloped with driver from car with Rs 47 lakh indore tsts

History highlights

  • The woman who ran away with her lover 13 years younger returned home
  • Woman got away with jewelry worth 47 lakh rupees and 10 lakh rupees

Some time ago, a 45-year-old woman living in the area of ​​the Khajrana police station in MP had run away with her lover from home with 47 lakh rupees, she returned home on Monday night. The woman arrived at the Khajrana Police Station and recorded her statement.

The woman said she wants to live with her husband. At the same time, the woman’s husband also wants to keep her together now. The police have already recovered 34 lakh rupees in this case. The woman’s loving car driver keeps eloping.

The woman herself arrived at the police station late Monday night.

Khajrana Police Station CSP Jayant Rathod said that on October 13, the wife of a property broker from the Khajrana area, along with a 13-year-old car driver, ran away with 47 thousand rupees from the home. Real estate brokers are said to be millionaires. The defendant gave 34 lakh to his two friends. The police had already recovered this money from the friend of the car driver, Ritesh Thakur and Furkan. The police had raided many places to arrest the woman and the driver of the car, but both were not caught by the police. The woman herself arrived at the police station on Monday night.

According to the police, the woman arrived at the Khajrana police station late Monday night, where the police interrogated her for several hours. The woman said she left the house with money and had hired a Swift Desire taxi. The lover and the woman first went to Pithampur by taxi, after which they wandered through many areas of Javra, Shirdi, Lonavala, Khandala, Nashik, Vadodara, and Surat. I had lost Rs.

After this, after about 1 month, it has returned. A few days after the incident by the police, it was learned from the questioning of the taxi driver that the young man had first gone to Pithampur from where he had reached Javra with the help of a bus, where they roamed both by train and by bus. many places and returned to Indore.

Woman told her husband he used to stalk so he ran away from home

The lover was 13 years younger than the woman, but she fell in love and ran away with the driver of the car. The woman told police that she ran away from home because her husband used to harass her, but now she wants to live with her husband. In any case, the husband also wants to stay with his wife. Money ran out, I brought jewelry.

The police have said that the woman is from a good family, the jewels that she had taken with her have been returned to her. The woman who got away with the money is gone.

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