Ieshaan Sehgaal breaks the silence about his sexuality; Call rumors of relationship with contestant Rajiv Adatia “false”

Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgaal Breaks Silence About His Sexuality (Image Credit: Instagram / ieshaan_sehgaal, rajivadatia. Mieshaiyer)

Bigg Boss 15 witnessed an unexpected turn when Diwali weekend turned out to be a double elimination! Salman Khan announced the removal of Miesha Iyer on Saturday, while the house said goodbye to Ieshaan Sehgaal the next day. There have been many rumors about the sexuality of the latter. Below is all the clarification you need.

There was a lot of rumor about Ieshaan and his sexuality. We even saw Miesha raise questions about it in house BB15. Things got intense when reports of her relationship with co-contestant Rajiv Adatia came to light.

Ieshaan Shegaal has now cleared the air during his interview with Siddharth Kannan. He shared: “I have said this before and I will repeat it that he (Rajiv Adatia) is a good friend. But conversations about a relationship with him are all false rumors. I am a person without filters and in the program, I would speak without thinking or being afraid and take a position. I am the way I am, I don’t care about anything. Whatever my sexuality, it is. I’m not trying to cover up anything. If I have the guts to walk into a room with my girlfriend and say to a man, ‘This is national television, say what you have to say,’ then clearly there is none of that. “

But it’s not that, Ieshaan Sehgaal also spoke about his feelings for Miesha Iyer. “This is my love (pointing to Miesha). It started here and will stay here. Whichever position I took, it was to clear up any doubts I had, as they had spent so little time together. If a person came on the show and created doubts that would affect my image and create doubts in my girlfriend’s mind, then I would go to any lengths for that, as long as they know I’m right. “

Earlier, during a fight, Rajiv Adatia had hinted at some unknown incidents between them outside Bigg Boss 15’s house. “Mera muh mat khulwa, bahar kya hua tha,” he had said, fueling speculation!

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