‘I was pissed off in my head ..’

History highlights

  • Racism continues in England cricket
  • Former cricketer accuses Yorkshire Cricket Club

A racism controversy had ended in England cricket and now there is an uproar. Recently, when a cricketer named Azim Rafiq accused the Yorkshire Cricket Club of racial discrimination, there was a lot of uproar.

However, Azim Rafiq has now joined Yorkshire Cricket. But now Tabassum Bhatti, a former cricketer who has played for the club, has also said surprising things.

In an interview, Tabassum Bhatti shared his experiences at the Yorkshire Cricket Club. Tabassum Bhatti says that Yorkshire cricketers behave very badly towards Asian players. Non-Asian players whose form was not good, they used to get a place in the team, but not us.

In his interview, Tabassum said that what Azim Rafiq said is not a surprise, but it is not something new for any Asian player here. Tabassum Bhatti said there was a player with me, who had urinated on my head from his room. Not only this, a lot of lewd comments were continually made.

When Tabassum Bhatti began his career as a wicket-keeper hitter, he was counted as a future star. But this could not be true, because he did not have the right opportunities at the Yorkshire Cricket Club.

According to the former cricketer, he was a goalkeeper, so during the training session fellow players deliberately threw the ball at him so that he could hurt himself. Because of this, I injured my hand once and had to leave the match.

Following Azim Rafiq, this Tabassum Bhatti reveal has once again raised doubts about Yorkshire county cricket, England Cricket. Azim Rafiq had already revealed that many former players and team staff had made lewd comments about him. However, Lord Kamlesh Patel, the new president of the Yorkshire Cricket Club, has resolved the matter by speaking with Azim Rafiq.


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