Himachal News: Block’s Medical Officer Dr Monisha Agarwal on duty for thirteen hours on the road for Covid vaccination

Dr. Monisha Aggarwal vaccinating the elderly while sitting on the roadside in Nahan city. – photo: dialogue

No chair, no table, no joke as an officer. The goal is to meet the goal of applying the second dose of Kovid. To this end, BMO Dhageda Dr. Monisha Agarwal is seen on the streets these days leaving his office. He leaves the city every morning starting at nine in the morning. Without a chair by the side of the road until 10 at night, in addition to informing people about vaccination with Kovid, they are vaccinating themselves. On Tuesday morning, Dr. Monisha sat in Lantern Chowk. Here he administered the second dose to more than 50 people in an hour.

– photo: dialogue

After this, he came to Army Cantt, Bus Stand, Valmiki Mohalla, Govindgarh Mohalla, where he continued to self-vaccinate throughout the day. During this, health teacher Krishna Rathore and CHO Aditi were also on his team.

– Photo: Amar Ujala

The target of 71 percent of the second dose has been reached in the Dhageda health section. The goal for the first dose has been set at 120%. It is noteworthy that these days achieving the goal of the second dose of Kovid has become a great challenge in the health department.

– Photo: Amar Ujala

The deadline to complete this objective is November 30. As of Tuesday, 8,208 people had been vaccinated in the district as of 5 p.m.

Health professor Krishna Rathore encourages drivers and passengers to get the Kovid vaccine in Nahan. – Photo: Amar Ujala

The goal is to administer the second dose to 3.87,000 people in the district, in which 2.44,999 people have been vaccinated so far. 4.25,719 people have received the first dose. Dr. Monisha said the goal will be completed soon.


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