High and effective: New Player – New Player

47. Jay Shah, 33 years old

Secretary, BCCI and President, Asian Cricket Council

Because they are ensuring a smooth implementation of the new reforms of the BCCI (after the Committee of Administrators) that govern the management of cricket and restore the prestige to cricket after years of controversy.

Because amid Kovid’s concerns and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly’s health issues, Shah ensured that the Indian Premier League was organized and the T20 World Cup moved to Dubai so that the BCCI would not be seen. very affected.

Because he convinced Virat Kohli to give up the captaincy of the T20 after the World Cup to develop a new generation team. Kohli will continue to lead the Indian team in longer formats. MS Shah as a mentor He also brought in former captains such as Dhoni and Rahul Dravid as a coach.

Mann Ka Khana In all Shah gatherings, one thing is fixed: Gujarati thali. She loves her community cuisine so much that she serves the same to her peers and visitors.

49. Vimal Patel, 60, Managing Director, HCP Design, Planning & Management Pvt. Limited.

monument architect

Because he has been Narendra Modi’s favorite architect since 2011, be it the new office complex around the Legislative Assembly building in Gandhinagar or the Rs 20,000 Central Vista project.

Because it says that the Central Vista project will change the image of power. They argue that the current House of Parliament was conceived by the British as a Council House and that India is getting its first “true” Parliament.

Because his work on the Kashi Vishwanath Dham project shows that he does not believe in partial patchwork solutions to solve large-scale urban problems like excessive congestion. Patel does it when he has to do something big, without fear of financial and environmental concerns.

Like his father, Patel grew up in a modern house, designed by his father and well-known architect Hasmukh Patel. Seeing the father explain the design of the house to potential guests and clients, Patel began to do the same for visitors who were unaware of his intentions. He told a magazine: “I feel doubly privileged. Not only did I grow up in a luxurious home, but I also received training to explain design from the beginning.”

Carry Minati, 22 years old
click to attract

Because he is the largest individual YouTuber in Asia. With 32.5 million subscribers, CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar, is one of the most popular digital personalities with each video getting at least 40 million views. The estimated cost of brand integration for a video on its main channel is between Rs 75 lakh and Rs 1 crore

Because his indiscriminate comment connects with youth. Even his gullible brats and accusations of callousness couldn’t dissuade young men and women from hugging him. Whether it’s her roast on TikTok, which was the most trending video of 2020 in India, or the scathing critique of reality show Bigg Boss, which used animation, Carrie Minati listens when she speaks.

Because your audience is continually increasing. He earned 6 million subscribers in the last 12 months, that too when he uploaded just six videos, including the rap track ‘Yalgaar,’ which garnered more than 250 million views.

Mayday, directed by Bollywood’s Pukar Ajay Devgn, will see Carrie Minati make her film debut in which she plays her well-known character, the character of a social media sensation.


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