Hamidia fire: 8 newborns rescued from the ward, but they could not save their nephew

History highlights

  • Rashid’s sister had a son after 12 years.
  • Rashid recounted the scene of Hamidia’s accident

The fire that broke out at Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, left many families in mourning. One such family is Rashid’s. Rashid’s sister got the happiness of a boy after 12 years, but he too was taken away in the fire. Ironically, Rashid saved eight children that night, but was unable to save his own nephew.

The lap of Irfana, Rashid’s sister, was also left deserted in the Hamidia Hospital fire. Irfana had a son after 12 years of marriage. Irna became a mother last week. After delivery, the child had difficulty breathing, for which he was admitted to the Kamala Nehru Hospital but the negligence of the system took away his son. Now Irna crying is cursing that moment.

Irfana’s brother, Rashid, is said to have saved the lives of eight newborn boys on the night of the incident, but was unable to save his sister’s son, that is, his nephew Rahil. Rashid’s sister, Irfana, gave birth to a boy on November 2 after 12 years of marriage. Rashid said that when calling from the hospital, Sister Irna reported the fire in the hospital ICU and said that the room where the son is kept is on fire. When Rashid ran to the hospital, there was an atmosphere of chaos. Desperate doctors and nurses ran to get the newborns out of the room.

Recalling that scene, Rashid said that instead of searching for his newborn nephew in the chaos, he dedicated himself to rescue work alongside doctors and nurses. Rashid said it came to mind that if I save the lives of these innocent children, Allah will save my nephew as well. Rashid said that the room was filled with smoke, so somehow everyone was evacuated from there but they couldn’t save the nephew. Rashid is sad that he was unable to save his nephew, but is satisfied that he saved eight mothers from abandonment.

Vishwas Sarang informed about the action.

Madhya Pradesh Minister of Medical Education Vishwas Sarang has said that after a preliminary investigation into the Hamidia accident, the government removed Jitendra Shukla, Dean of Gandhi Medical College, Dr. Lokendra Dave, Superintendent of Hamidia Hospital, KK Dubey, Director of Kamala Nehru Hospital. Awadhesh Bhadauria, an associate engineer at CPA Electricity Wing, has also been suspended by the government.


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